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What Is My Last Song

Because a good life deserves a good ending and to be remembered properly.

My Last Song features a Lifebox to store the important details of your life; advice on farewell music; and advice on end of life issues.



Music means so much to us. It should be how we are remembered.

So My Last Song helps you select your farewell music, to create playlists for your farewell events, to commission musicians and to contribute your favourite five farewell tracks to inspire and assist other visitors.



My Last Song gives comprehensive advice on:

  • funeral planning - so we and our loved ones can have the funeral that best suits our beliefs, values and lifestyles;
  • health and fitness - so we can live longer, healthier lives;
  • care options - so we can plan the most appropriate care if necessary in the latter part of our lives;
  • legal and financial issues - so we have a will, and put our finanical affairs in order;
  • being remembered - so our memories will live on, remembered as the unique indivuals we each are;
  • what to do when someone dies - so we are supported at this terrible time in our lives with sympathetic and calm advice on dealing with the bereavement.

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