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Notice and Takedown Policy - Disclaimer

In accordance with the Terms we do not undertake to monitor, review, censor or screen the Site or any Uploaded Content. However, we respect the intellectual property rights of others therefore, if you are a rights owner and believe that any of the Uploaded Content infringes your rights please notify us at admin@mylastsong.com or by using the appropriate online form and include the following information:

1. a description of the rights or work that you claim has been infringed, which should include the type of rights or work (such as a book, a sound recording or trade mark) and any relevant further details (such as the title and date of publication, the country or countries to which your rights apply, as applicable);

2. the grounds on which you claim your rights or work has/have been infringed, which may include:

  1. unauthorised use or reproduction of the work or right (which could include use of material protected by trade marks or copyright);
  2. breach of a moral right (including the right to be identified as author or the right not to have your work subjected to derogatory comment);
  3. breach of other UK law (including defamation, breach of confidence);
  4. a description of where the alleged infringing material is located on the Site (including a URL and/or screen shot)

3. your address, telephone number, and email address so that we may get in contact with you.

On receipt of a complaint we will promptly acknowledge its receipt and initially assess its validity.

If we consider the complaint to be without foundation, we will inform you of this and provide supporting rationale. However, if the complaint is plausible based on UK law, the offending content will be removed, pending resolution of the complaint.

We will advise the member who uploaded the content in question, outline the nature of the complaint and give them the opportunity to refute the complaint. We will investigate the complaint in full, obtaining advice as required, and contact the complainant and the contributor with the result of this investigation and what action we have taken/will take.

We will endeavour to resolve the issue quickly and amicably to the satisfaction of both the complainant and the contributing member. We will act as mediator between the parties if this will help to resolve complaint. Depending on the outcome the material in question will either be:

1. reinstated without change, if the complaint was found to be without grounds;

2. reinstated but only once it has been amended to remove the infringing material; or

3. permanently removed from the site.

If you have any queries relating to the above, please contact us at admin@mylastsong.com or by using the contact page.