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Cancer Research UK

A legacy to Cancer Research UK
is a life-saving gift

Chas Lewis - left a gift to Cancer Research UKIncluding a gift in your Will to Cancer Research UK is a very special promise that anyone can make in their lifetime - to help save lives in the future.

Our doctors and scientists are certain that we will beat cancer, and advances in research are bringing us closer to making that a reality.

Much of this progress has been made possible by legacy gifts. In fact, legacies have directly helped to save hundreds of thousands of lives and over the last 40 years, cancer survival rates have doubled. Our future advances will depend on the generosity of ordinary people who remember Cancer Research UK in their Will today.

A legacy is probably the most important gift a person will make to charity, and it can be a very rewarding decision that gives hope to people who will face cancer in the future.

Chas Lewis (pictured) chose to remember our work in his Will to help us save more lives.

“It’s because of research in the past that I’m still here. And I’d like to think I could encourage people to support more research – perhaps even to leave a legacy to Cancer Research UK, like I have.”

If a gift in your Will is a way of supporting you would like to consider, now or in the future, we can offer you more information to help you decide in your own time.

A legacy is a commitment that we can all make to future generations - of our families, and to the families of others. After you have provided for your loved ones, please consider remembering Cancer Research UK by including a proportion of what is left over in your Will.

Your gift could help us make the discoveries that will beat cancer and save the lives of mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers. Please visit our website to request a free information pack. Thank you.

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