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Tupac: Until The End Of Time

Transformational loss coach and contributor to My Last Song, Tabitha Jayne, has selected a very personal and original five songs.

Until The End Of Time:Tupac

One of my ultimate favourite musicians, as well as someone who's influenced me greatly, this song talks about how life can change you, the desire to be healed and become immortal.

Another Train: Poozies

Uplifting and inspiring, I find this song motivating and a great reminder that there are always more opportunities in life.

Caledonia: Dougie MacLean

A song that talks about the importance of Scotland. As a Scot now living in another country this taps into how I feel about my homeland.

Perfect Time: Moya Brennan

With a voice of an angel Moya Brennan highlights that others are needed for a perfect time. Great to remind family and friends of their importance in my own perfect time.

Numb: Linkin Park

A song reminding you of the importance of being yourself and what happens when you're not and trying to please others. I love this song and would want to remind those that I left behind to be themselves.

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