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Digital scrapbooks: preserving memories

Scrapbooking has long been a popular hobby. An enjoyable and creative way of organising photos, keepsakes, mementos, and sharing them with friends and family.

Now in the digital age, scrapbooking can be far more creative and exciting.

It also means that the material is safely preserved in pristine condition for endless years, and can be sent to friends and family across the world as attachments to emails.

My Last Song likes digital scrapbooking, as it is a way of ensuring our unique and individual lives are remembered and made available for future generations to see.

There are various scrapbooking software packages which allow you to create wonderfully imaginative and impressive designs.

The more you use the software, the better you become at making impressive designs, writing the narrative about the image – people, pets, objects – that is the feature item of that particular scrapbook or page.

There is also a worldwide community of digital scrapbookers who swap ideas, tips and share enthusiasm.

If you are already a digital scrapbooker, or plan to have a digital scrapbook, put a copy of your work in your Lifebox.

This way it will be safely stored in a space which only you can access, but which when you die or give permission to your custodian, your Lifebox can be opened and your scrapbooks will be seen by friends and family for years to come.  


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Peter Erftemeijer wrote on 6 Jul 12 at 7:34am
Peter Erftemeijer

Can you give some links to digital scrapbook software? Thanks

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