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Romantic farewell songs

Our thanks go to Penny Powell who has supplied the songs listed here. The narrative, however, is mine.

Everyone here at My Last Song thinks this a great list of romantic songs.

Each deserves at least one listen, and you might think one of these songs is appropriate as a farewell piece. (PH)

The Fire Thief: Hem

Such a lovely song and beautiful arrangement. 'Sometimes a heart can break and make its own relief/The way a cold dark night invites the fire thief/ He wants to show us how/So we can take comfort now... '

Red: Daniel Merriweather

Powerful, angry song by Australian singer songwriter. 'Took something perfect and you painted it red!' Most of us have been as upset and hurt as this. Justifiably popular song.

Move You: Anya Marina

Original and startling treatment by smokey voiced American up and coming singer, clearly frustrated by her less than passionate boyfriend. Could be she's trying too hard.

Almost Here: Brian McFadden featuring Delta Goodrem

Full on production takes this emotional tear jerker to another level. Slightly strained intensity...you get the impression that if these two do get together, they'll have lots to argue about within a few weeks.

Wild Horses: Susan Boyle

This song by the Rolling Stones has one of the most romantic, poetical lyrics in the whole canon of pop music. And Susan Boyle has a beautiful, rich voice. Listen to this version, listen to the orginal and make up your mind.

Better: Tom Baxter

A great feelgood song that expresses the most simple, most important virtue of loving someone and being loved. Life feels better. Who can't listen to this and have an emotional moment...and wonder about the ending line?

The Way I Am: Ingrid Michaelson

A sweet, innocent song expressing love in an almost naieve way...but that's almost a definition of romantic. 'If you were falling, then I would catch you'You need a light, I'd find a match/Cuz I love the way you say good morning/And you take me the way I am.' Ahh.

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