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The Beatles: Fool On The Hill

From Paul Hensby, the founder of My Last Song, here are (one of several of) my favourite five. 

There are others depending on my mood, but these are songs I'd like to be remembered by.

Fool On The Hill: The Beatles

As the Beatles are saying in this haunting song, the fool can be a wise man. The Beatles made some brilliant music and I hope my friends and family will enjoy this and understand why I chose it.

Sunny: Bobby Hebb

This is such a sweet love song…the sentiments you want to express to a parted love one. Bobby wrote this song in 1966 and it soon became a standard. His version will always be the best and I want it played for people to remember me as a bright and happy person.

Thank u falletinme be myself again: Sly Stone

Sly Stone is an underrated genius who, along with James Brown, brought funk into soul, but with more thoughtful lyrics as this song shows. 'Thank you for the party/but I could never stay/many things on my mind/words got in the way'.

Downtown: Petula Clark

My father and I were united in liking this when if first came out...and fell in love with Petula Clark. The words seemed very adult and gave an impression of excitement and easy female company when you went into the big city. It’s a brilliantly written, arranged and sung piece of British 1960’s pop.

Yesterday When I Was Young: Lena Horne

Lena Horne died in 2010. She was a fabulous singer and an inspirational person, campaigning for equal rights even if it harmed her career. The words in this beautiful song, written by Charles Aznavour, can’t help but affect the emotions.

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