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Funerals according to the Book of Common Prayer

Helpful information for those considering a traditional Anglican funeral, kindly provided by the Prayer Book Society.

The Prayer Book Society (PBS) promotes and preserves the use of the Book of Common Prayer (1662) and works to ensure that it will continue to be available to future generations.

Although the 1662 Prayer Book is the traditional service book of the Church of England, and contains the Church's historic beliefs, it is increasingly endangered by indifference and undermined by neglect. In many churches, it is not used at all, whilst in others it is marginalised to off-peak times.

The PBS has suggested that the following information is available for those visitors to My Last Song who are considering an Anglican, or Church of England, funeral.

Guidance leaflet

A guidance leaflet for those wishing to arrange a funeral according to the Book of Common Prayer, and for clergy asked to conduct such funerals, can be downloaded by clicking here.

Information about Church of England funerals can be found on the Church of England website.

The section headed ‘The funeral service’ includes links to three different funeral services:

  • The service from the Book of Common Prayer (1662), in traditional language;
  • The ‘Series One’ Alternative Service (1966), also in traditional language; and
  • The service from Common Worship (2000), in contemporary language.

For more information on the Prayer Book Society, visit here.

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