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Ensuring people know in time

My Last SongRegister with My Last Song to open your own Lifebox and store the names of people you want to know of your passing.

Common sentiments expressed a few weeks after someone has died are: ‘I wish I had known…I would have gone to the funeral,’ or ‘If I had known I would have sent my condolences to the family.’

Some people are understandably hurt and upset that they were not told, thinking they were not important to the person who died or to his or her family.

For others, it intensifies the grief as they were not included in the ceremony or service that said farewell to someone close to them.

This is why you should list those you want to be told of your death or final illness in the My Details section of your Lifebox. It will enable the person(s) who you allow to open your Lifebox to inform these people quickly and easily.

Of course, your family will know most of the people that were close to you, but it is often the case that when facing the shock of the death, they don’t always think clearly or act straight away and then things – or in this case people – get forgotten.

Making the funeral arrangements are done at a time when people are at their lowest.

The Lifebox includes a section called Death Plan which enables you to plan the ending you want. This also has a box in which you can name those people you want to be told that you are terminally ill.

Public Profile page

You can create a public profile page as part of your Lifebox. This page includes an area called Messages on which your friends and loved ones can put memorial messages when you have departed which others can see.

Your second keyholder(s) can also put the sad news of your passing on this page so that the address holders know the sad news as soon as possible.

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