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Jonathan Shepherd: God created his wonderful world

Thank you, Jonathan, for a list that demonstrates the importance of faith in your life.

There are songs here that many will listen to and want to choose for themselves as they strike a special chord in their hearts and souls.

Je ne regrette rien: Edith Piaf

I would like to think that when you die you are in a state of grace and you will have confessed anything you regret - so there is nothing more to regret.


Gracias a la Vida: Joan Baez

This song says that you are grateful and thankful for life.

We Shall Overcome: Joan Baez

The protest song of the civil rights movement and it shows that one is still opposed to wrong, will overcome injustice and not be moved from our beliefs. Humour in this choice as, of course, the coffin will be moved!


What A Wonderful World: Louis Armstrong

This is to show my appreciation of God's creation…it is indeed “a wonderful world".

Our Father (Who Art In Heaven): Cliff Richard

As a Christian, I pray and I will want others to pray. This prayer, sung by Cliff Richard, is universal in Christianity.

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Jonathan Shepherd wrote on 11 Jul 10 at 5:29pm
Jonathan Shepherd


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