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Your public profile

Your public profile is the information about yourself that you want other people to see, but only the people you choose.

Your public profile is part of your Lifebox.

How to create your public profile

Register to have your own Lifebox.

Click the Public Profile button.

A new page will appear on your screen. On it is the url (computer address) of your public profile.

This is the address you give to those people you want to be able to see this profile.

In the Profile Photo box, you can upload from your computer the photograph you want to display.

Below the Profile Photo box are other boxes for you to give your current location and home town. 

Below this is the About Me box where you put as much or as little personal information for other people to see when they access this page on their computers.

When you have created your profile, or changed any of the information, click on the Save Changes To Profile Information button to save the information.

To see what your public profile looks like, click on the url address in the blue box at the top of that page.

Messages and Memories section

The Messages and Memories section of your public profile enables you to write messages to those who have access to your public profile.

People close to you, who you give access to your public profile, can write messages to you, and also post their memories of you after you have passed. These messages are known as memorials or tributes.

This allows family and friends to share memories, but not strangers.

You have the choice for Messages  and Memories to be seen or not seen by those who have your public profile address .

If you choose for the comments not to be shown, they won't be seen should you die.

However, your second keyholder can change the setting so that the messages and memories will be shown, and this will allow friends and family to write memorials and tributes in your memory.

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