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The Good Funeral Guide

The Good Funeral Guide is an independent consumer guide to the funeral industry.

The publication is designed to inform you speedily, efficiently, matter-of-factly and thoroughly. It enables you to:

  • decide how the body of your dead person will be cared for and who will do it;
  • make informed choices about products and services;
  • get best value for money;
  • create a meaningful and memorable funeral ceremony;
  • create an end-of-life plan;
  • acquire some background information about death and dying, and find out where to learn more.

There are 4,200 funeral directors in the UK, all are unregulated.

It is difficult to differentiate between them on either price or quality of service because this is an unfamiliar market for consumers and because funeral directors are not subjected to consumer scrutiny.

Now the Good Funeral Guide website lists the best funeral directors in the UK. Its constantly updated online reviews of best funeral directors are written with insider expertise, and are free to view. 

Also at the website you will find updates to the Guide and a lively and provocative blog.

The Good Funeral Guide is available at Amazon.

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