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Eagles: Hotel California

DJ Steve Penk, famous for his wind-ups as well as his great taste in music, now runs Revolution Radio in Manchester.

His playlist contains some of the best songs recorded over the past half century.

Hotel California: Eagles

Wonderful song expressing rock lifestyle debauchery and excess...usual evenings at the Penk household.

Superstition: Stevie Wonder

Superstitious, me? This is me walking under the ladderahhhh. If Stevie's singing this, it can't be all bad.

I'm Still Waiting: Diana Ross

I'll wait for you Diana, you know that. Mind you, she's been a long time now.

Misty: Johnny Mathis 

Smooth, good looking and with a voice to die for. That's me...as for Johnny Mathis...

Fools Rush In: Brook Benton

Not refering to me, as I walk slowly, and take my time to listen to this fantastic song sung by the chocolate voice of Brook Benton.

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