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The Kinks: Death Of A Clown

Thanks Clinton for this very original and, yes, quirky list.

We like quirky and so it is with pleasure we ask you to consider these farewell songs.

Death Of A Clown: The Kinks

I'm known as a bit of a clown...laughing joking. But what lays behind the smile? This little bit of darly surreal 60s pop suits well, especially with the angelic girl chorus which crops up in the middle.

I Was Kaiser Bill’s Batman: Whistling Jack Smith

I can imagine everyone smiling but feeling rather odd when this is played in my memory. I liked it as a tiddler and still play it every so often.


Mouldy Old Dough: Lieutenant Pigeon

Selected cos it's quirky and dreadful. Features a pub pianist and decent session men, one of whom sings the words 'Dirty Old Dough, Dirty Old Man' in what is otherwise an instrumental. What will people think? Who cares!

Monster Mash:  Bobby 'Boris' Pickett & The Cryptkickers

If you want quirky, this is quirky...but appropriate as it's about spirits, ghouls, Crypts etc. You either get it or you don't.

The Clapping Song: Shirley Ellis

A sort of playground song with a strong rythmn and great arrangement. A fave of mine since I first bought it in the 1966. BTW, Shirley made some great songs...click through on YouTube.


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