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Barbra Streisand: I'd Rather Be Blue Over You

Gemma Goggin's list expresses her personality perfectly...she's a comedian and her sense of humour and pathos shows.

My Funny Valentine has featured before but the songs from Streisand, Jackson Five, Nina Simone and track from Hairspray are first timers.

I'd Rather Be Blue Over You: Barbra Streisand

Funny Girl is my favourite movie. Babs's saying that she isn't interested in anyone else... but that she would like him to hurry back, as her eye is starting to wander. Which amuses me. But ultimately, you know she's totally smitten with him. As any sane woman would be...Omar Sharif was mighty fine in that movie.

My Funny Valentine: Sarah Vaughan

My favourite song. It's what love is all about, or should be....


ABC: Jackson Five

Because I defy anyone not to dance to this. Or in my case, dance and point at the same time.

Everything Must Change: Nina Simone

Good when you're feeling blue. Good to sing along to. Effortless vocal. And too true.

You Can't Stop the Beat: From Hairspray

Because I love Hairspray, and this one always makes me smile. And occasionally bop up and down whilst on the bus.


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