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Aretha Franklin: Spanish Harlem

A list sent in by Sonia Upton that features some wonderful rarities from the 60's as well as a perfect torch song from an earlier era by Ella and Louis .

Spanish Harlem: Aretha Franklin

My all time favourite Aretha Franklin track. I adore it because of her intense delivery, the tight backing, gently propulsive rhythm and that it always impressed my boyfriends when I played it late at night…

They Can’t Take That Away From Me:

Ella Fitzgerald/Louis Armstrong

Perfect farewell song…the memory of someone special, the everyday things they do live on when the person has gone.

Lover’s Concerto: The Toys

A timeless classic that takes me back to when I used to go to dances and think that being up close to a good looking guy was really romantic.

Teenage Opera: Keith West

An eccentric, strangely moving song of the death of a grocer in an old fashioned English town, complete with children’s choir, massive string and brass section.

If It Don’t Fit, Don’t Force It: Kellee Paterson

My mum’s favourite track…down home philosophy. If things aren’t working out, accept it and move on to find better things.

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