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Al Green: How Can You Mend A Broken Heart

Enter the jazz funk soulful world of Spencer Hillman.

All these are highly recommended...shame that there isn't a clip of the Joe Simon version of You Are Everything, but it's worth searching for as it's a sadly overlooked country soul classic.

How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?: Al Green

A Bee Gees song made his own by the fabulous Al Green. As always, the Willie Mitchell arrangements and the sparse tight backing add to the brilliance. And what a sad song - how do you mend a broken heart? You don't.

You Are Everything: Joe Simon

This slow, sad and soulful cover of the soul classic from the album Drowning In the Sea of Love is superb...the song stripped to its core and a wonderful vehicle for Simon's deep, rich voice.

Knucklehead: Grover Washington Jr

I've always loved jazz funk, and the greatest sax player of the genre was Grover Washington Jr, taken from us at the age of 56 after a heart attack. There's something ethereal about this track...the strings and Grover's lyrical phrasing make this a classic.

Soul Limbo: Booker T and the MGs

I've always loved cricket and this funky instrumental gem from the backing group for so many soul hits, including many in their own name, was the theme for test match special. Howzat? (Not out, one to go - ed)

What A Difference A Day Makes: Esther Phillips

This blew me away when it first came out, so much energy and her sexy sighs. David Sanborn's sax and Joe Beck's guitar solos give the track the magic touch.

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