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Thelma Houston: Don't Leave Me This Way

Paula Henry's farewell five includes one of the best versions you'll ever hear of I Shall Be Released.

She keeps up the standard with some great northern soul songs that make up one of the most original playlists yet.

Don't Leave Me This Way: Thelma Houston

One of the best disco tracks of the 1970s. Lyrics say all that needs saying about when you're contemplating the loss of somebody dear. So now on a bit of a funky trip down memory road...

I Shall Be Released: Marion Williams

There are many good versions of this Bob Dylan song, but this gospel tinged cut by Marion Williams is outstanding. There's a bit of a reggae beat going on while her pleading, church-tinged voice gives it the necessary emotion.

Funky Sensation: Gwen McCrae

They won't feel sad after this! Six minutes of funk deliberately prescribed as 'an extra strength pain reliever, make you feel better than you ever felt before.'

Your Thing Ain't No Good Without My Thing: Marie Queenie Lyons

The reply to the funk classic 'It's Your Thing' is a real belter...funny too cos as the sisters know, it takes two to have a good thing going. So, I'll be looking around when I reach the next place and hoping others are too!

Stay With Me Baby: Lorraine Ellison

Oh God, the power, the passion, the screams of anquish as he leaves her. Lorraine pleads 'Stay With Me Baby'...but sometimes the screams, the pleas will go unheard. A goosebumps record to end with, and one I've always loved and always will. BTW one of Jagger's all time favourites. Good boy.

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