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Leonard Cohen: Closing Time

Amanda Jackson's view of life is summed up in the wistful Peggy Lee song, and other tracks in this great farewell playlist. 

Closing Time: Leonard Cohen

Makes me think of life as one long night in a bar, ending when the great landlord above calls time.

Going Underground: The Jam

Aside from the intended pun, a great boppy, protest track that takes me back to my misspent youth…

Is That All There Is?: Peggy Lee

Sums up my own philosophy of life!

Brown Eyed Girl: Van Morrison

Reminds me of chilhood in Belfast, I am that brown-eyed girl.

You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome 
When You Go: Bob Dylan

Had to have a Dylan song, had to be from Blood on the Tracks, should ensure not a dry eye in the house!

There's not a YouTube clip, rather surprisingly, but the album is available on Amazon.

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