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Elvis Presley: Always On My Mind

Four of Robert Hall’s fave five farewell selections are emotionally charged songs, with the fifth a lovely aria from Puccini's Madame Butterfly.

Always On My Mind: Elvis Presley

A touching, sad love song delicately sung by a young Elvis Presley whose voice and phrasing capture perfectly the sadness of a failed love affair. For all those whose hearts have been broken…

Wild Horses: Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys expresses perfectly the emotion in this Rolling Stones’ song. ‘Faith has been broken, tears must be cried/Let’s do some living after we die.’

Sometimes We Cry: Tom Jones and Van Morrison

OK, verging on the sentimental, but who cares? When we look back on life, these are the thoughts we can’t run away from. Great performances from Tom and Van.

Miss Sarajevo: U2 and Brian Eno

Achingly sad, beautiful and touching…it deals with death, with war, with how we cope with the darker side of life. Who can hear this and not be moved with what happened when Sarajevo was besieged during the Balkans war.

Coro a bocca chiusa from Madame Butterfly: Puccini

I want this as a farewell song because it is gentle, melodic and respectful. It is chosen therefore as much for the people attending as for me. I will enjoy it nevertheless.

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