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Beauty of Brahms' funeral music

If you are considering having beautiful choral funeral music played, you should listen to Brahms's wonderful sacred songs.

Brahms was arguably the greatest European composer born in the 19th century. His choral music is absolutley beautiful, and if you want people to be lifted to a higher level when saying their final farewell to you, you should consider one or more of his choral pieces.

Probably most appropriate is Geistliches Lied Op.30, with the opening line, when translated into English, stating: 'Let naught afflict thee with grief, be calm as God ordains and so rejoice my will.'

However, you should take much time, and will get huge pleasure, from listening to Brahms Sacred Choral Music. This is the most wonderful choral music ever written.

Indeed, as the reviewer on Classical.Net says, 'Almost everything on this CD is The Best Thing Brahms Ever Wrote.'

To ensure this music has the desired affect at your farewell event, check that the music system in the church or chapel, is of the highest quality.

Wesley Music supply many crematoria with excellent sound systems and deliver the chosen music electronically.

However, you may want to be more in control yourself, and discuss with your executor or next of kin, how best to ensure your farewell music has the most aural impact.

When you have decided how best to organise your farewell music, create the playlist and put it in your Lifebox.

Use the funeral wishes list to give details of the sound system you want and who will be responsible for ensuring you go out on the right note.

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