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Bobby 'Blues' Bland: St James Infirmary

Push Push from Herbie Mann a great soul jazz track on this list from Steve Brownlow.

The track stars guitar ace Duane Allman who's also featured on the Wilson Pickett and Aretha Franklin tracks.

Allman, like King Curtis, also featured here, died far too young.

St James Infirmary: Bobby Bland

A sad and mournful song sung by the wonderful Bobby 'Blues' Bland. There is also a fantastic version by the pianist Earl Hines which I would want played in preference to this version but I couldn't find any clip on YouTube.

Hey Jude: Wilson Pickett

Always get the goosebumps when I hear this...Pickett's screams are primeval, the horns are as tight as hell, the drumming drives it forward and Duane Allman's guitar licks are brilliant.

The Weight: Aretha Franklin

Queen of Soul with Duane Allman, one of the Kings of slide guitar. Great bass playing for those interested.

Push Push: Herbie Mann and Duane Allman

Jazz funk at its best in a laid back 10 minute long groove featuring the jazz flute of Herbie Mann and the rockier guitar of Duane Allman. It creates an easy going but energised atmosphere, kinda sums me up really. Herbie succumbed to prostate cancer after a long battle at the age of 73 and  Duane died in a motorbike accident when only 24. Last songs, hey...you never know.

Memphis Soul Stew: King Curtis

King Curtis was taken from us at the age of 37 when he was stabbed outside his apartment. He would have taken soul jazz into areas we will never know but can only imagine. This clip shows King and his sidemen including Bernard Purdie and Cornell Dupree, recently departed, making great music.

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