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Joni Mitchell: River

Comedian Arthur Smith's farewell choices are an emotional rollercoaster - humour, irony, sadness and yearning.

River: Joni Mitchell

I wish I had a river I could float away on...we all feel like that sometimes.

Five Years Time: Noah And The Whale

A charming naievete infuses this song. It encapsulates the joy of being young. (How would you know? - ed).


Simon Smith And The Amazing Dancing Bear:

Alan Price

"Who needs money/When you're funny?" Such energy -  a song that cannot but make you smile.

Take This Waltz: Leonard Cohen

Brandy and death. This song is all he offers - an elegant and sombre waltz.

Coney Island: Van Morrison

Van Morrison describes the perfect childhood day. I love the wistful but abrupt tailing off at the end.

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