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Gothic funerals

Gothic funerals are appropriate for the many thousands of goths in this country.

In fact, there is much that is 'Gothic' about traditional funerals that many families choose today.

For example the stylised rituals such as horse drawn hearses; the black clothing; seeing the body in an open coffin or casket; the specific music choices...

For a Gothic funeral to be successful, plan in advance and ensure your plans are known to those who will carry them out.

Decisions to make are:

  • Choosing the most sympathetic funeral director, or do it yourself;
  • Religious or alternative - if religious, not every religious officiant will approve of your Gothic wishes, so ’shop around’; - if non-religious, select the most appropriate officiant;
  • Burial or cremation - Goths are more likely to choose burial, but it is more expensive;
  • Place of interment - Victorian graveyard is ideal, but space now limited in these.  More space is available for smaller urns that contain the ashes.
  • Who to invite to the funeral and who to the reception;
  • Type of reception and venue;
  • Dress code;
  • Playlist of suitable Goth music and readings;
  • Content of order of service/ceremony;
  • Who should give the tributes and eulogies;
  • Flowers/wreaths...or alternatives;
  • Good causes to receive donations;
  • Grave goods to take with you.

To ensure your wishes for a Gothic funeral are carried out, put your funeral wishes in the Lifebox so that your executor or next of kin will access them on your death.

Ideally you should inform him or her in advance so as much of the planning can take place as possible before the time comes.

And if all goes to plan, just think of the heads that will turn as your procession goes down the street and into the cemetery!

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