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Diabetes UK

Diabetes is one of the UK’s biggest health challenges, with 2.6 million people currently diagnosed with the condition.

If current trends continue, more than four million people will have diabetes by 2025. This means the work we do at Diabetes UK – from raising awareness, to funding research, to providing care and support – is more important than ever.

Visit Diabetes UK, or phone 08451232399 for informaton about legacy giving.

The key challenge we face is how to improve the lives of the people who have diabetes, and the 500,000 who have diabetes and don’t know it, while operating in an economic downturn which is adding ever greater pressure on public health services, which itself is increasingly turning to the charity sector to fill the gaps.

Diabetes UK receives no government support, and we are reliant on the generosity of our loyal supporters to fund our extensive programme of diabetes research and support for people living with diabetes.

Thirty two per cent of income from legacies

Over 30 per cent of the charity's income is from legacies and while not easy to talk about, it is easy to see the importance of giving a gift, or legacy, to Diabetes UK.

In 2009, 426 people left Diabetes UK a gift in their will. That amounted to around £9m in donations – 32 per cent of the charity’s income.

Without this support, Diabetes UK could not continue much of its vital work.

It would mean less investment for our research projects; less money to provide care and information; and less funding for awareness and education initiatives.

In short, every area of the charity would be impacted. That’s why Diabetes UK is immeasurably grateful to people who take the decision to leave a legacy in their will.

A gift of such significance is not made in haste. Naturally, family and loved ones come first. But once those provisions are made, even a fraction of what’s left can be immensely valuable to Diabetes UK.

Hope for a cure...one day

Our greatest hope is that, one day, we will find a cure for diabetes. It may take many years, but there will be life-changing breakthroughs in treatments and prevention to be made along the way.

We believe that many of our supporters and members share our dream and understand diabetes research provides that hope. 

We at Diabetes UK are inspired by the idea that someone’s hopes, beliefs and values can be encapsulated in one document. The enduring wish to make a change – even after death – is an incredible testament to the people who remember a charity in their will.

And with over 30 per cent of our work only made possible because people like you, who care deeply about our cause, ensure their support continues through their will giving hope for a future free from diabetes.

No doubt you will wish to look at some more information before making a decision on such a personal matter.

We have a free guide to making and updating a will which we would be pleased to send you - just click here and leave your details. Alternatively you can call our supporter services on 0845 123 2399 to order the guide.

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