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We need to talk about the funeral

101 practical ways to commemorate and celebrate a life is the sub-title to We Need to talk about the Funeral, an extremely useful publication.

This book, a practical and imaginative guide, gives you the information and support you need to:

  • plan the most suitable funeral ceremony for yourself; 
  • create a unique ceremony that is appropriate for the loved one who has died;
  • manage your relationship with the funeral director to get the best and most appropriate advice and service;
  • avoid spending money on things you don’t really need;
  • make your choices about how to say your final farewells in the time leading up to the funeral;
  • decide where and when you want the funeral to take place, what type of coffin you want and who will conduct the ceremony;
  • comforts and inspires those left behind.

It is available from Amazon, where some of the readers’ reviews show how useful this publication is for those planning a funeral and those who have to handle the death of a loved one.

If, as My Last Song believes, you should plan your own funeral rather than leave this to your family who are unlikely to know the send off you want, this is an excellent guide.

It has a proforma to enable the funeral to be organised in advance.

But also look at the funeral wishlist and use this as a guide.

When you have filled out the form, put it into your Lifebox, the secure access storage within mylastsong.com that only you can access.

On your death, or when you give permission, the second key holder (normally your executor) will open the Lifebox and access your funeral instructions.

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