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Abba: One of us

Mike Hume, alternative cabaret impressario and songwriter, submits a list strong on Abbba, as well as a song he wrote himself.  And why not?

Victory: Bond

A modern classical style number that really gets my energy going and I find I'm uplifted as soon as I hear it. The swirling strings create a good feeling.

One Of Us: Abba

Not that I think this all the time but reminds me we come into the world alone and we go out alone and it takes just one person to make a difference in your life.

Who Needs Brains: Natasha Millar

Who needs brains? Cheekily fun self-penned song about a blonde who pretends that all is right in the world but underneath her life is pretty crap but still manages a smile.

The Sun Will Shine Again: Frida

This song is about loss but regardless of everything one day you'll smile again... that is if you can let go.

Money, Money, Money: Abba

The first single I bought. Money...you can't take it with you and its no fun when you're old not too have any, so get saving!

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