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Singing is good for you!

Choral singing has a lot going for it...good for the health, good for your social life. 

Older people singing and having a good time

The health-benefiting aspects of singing are well documented and for anyone in any doubt, there's a simple solution - join a choir!

In the United Kingdom there has been a huge interest in singing as a hobby.

There have always been Choral societies and massed choirs ready to burst into singing Handel's Messiah at Christmas time. But the introduction of 'reality' TV Shows, such as X Factor and Britain's Got Talent have tempted a whole new generation to give voice.

The next time you are in a crowded room, ask for a show of hands to this question: "How many people here sing in a choir?" You could well be amazed by the response.

There are new community choirs singing pop music, a host of gospel choirs, people of all ages singing barbershop, young people singing in rock choirs, you name it - there's a choir doing it!  And don't think for a minute that singing is only for the young.

In the West of England, there's a new charity that started in January 2007 that now has a host of free day-time fun singing sessions. Called Golden-Oldies, the charity runs singing sessions where isolated and lonely people come together to belt out and sing to the hits of the 50s, 60s and 70s.

This project is led by Bath music man, Grenville Jones, who hit the national headlines in 2008 when his Bath Male Choir reached the finals in the BBCs Last Choir Standing series, another TV reality show that put the spotlight on singing as a hobby.

Grenville has earned a reputation as a man who gets people of all ages singing, and apart from Goldies he also runs a new - no audition come and sing - choir in the City of Bath called The Good Afternoon Choir.

June Hines is a member - she says, "I suffer from M.E. and also have asthma. Joining the Good Afternoon Choir has improved my health, as well as helping me to live in a new city. I no longer feel a stranger as I now know so many people."

Good for your health, good for your social life...go on - join a choir!

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