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A bronze portrait - a unique way of being remembered

A bronze portrait - a sculptured bust - is a unique and permanent memorial that will be treasured by your loved ones and future generations of your family.  

My Last Song recommends Lindy Branson, one of the country’s leading portrait sculptors.bronze head

Visit Lindy’s website to see her work, and contact details.

Lindy needs her subjects for two to three sittings at her delightful Parsons Green studio to achieve a wonderful likeness. The clay head is then taken to the foundry to be cast in bronze.

The client can choose from a variety of patinations (colours) for the bronze.

More than one bronze portrait can be made from the original mold.

The process takes about three months from the initial sitting to the presentation of the bronze portrait mounted on a slate base.

The result is something that is a wonderful piece of art which your family will treasure for generations to come.

Consider commissioning a bronze portrait bust of yourself and your partner, or father and son, mother and daughter, and siblings.  So that whatever happens, their unique likeness will live on. 

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Paul Hensby wrote on 23 Mar 12 at 6:03pm
Paul Hensby

What a brilliant way to be remembered for generations to come. Far better than old photos.

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