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The Who: My Generation

Darren Black's playlist throws light on how the baby boomers are thinking as they look back. Daily Mail readers take note.

My Generation

Blew me away when it first came out. Loved the angst stutter, and of course the irony…I’m now old, but Roger Daltry so convincing wanting to ‘die before I get old’.

Baba O’Riley

The best rock song ever recorded. So it has to be played at my farewell party.

I Can See For Miles

Huge energy, with Keith Moon’s brilliant drumming pushing the excitement levels ever upwards. He was the greatest ever drummer, and a huge loss.

Pictures Of Lily

Funny, sad, and oh so true fable of a boy’s obsession with a pin up. Great production, simple and effective. I’ve played it thousands of times and smiled each time. Thanks, guys.

I’m A Boy

Gender issues back in ’66! I laugh when the Daily Mail thinks older people are so well behaved, so illiberal, so intolerant. We were the rebellious generation, Paul Dacre. I can only laugh at your blinkered views of how your readers think and live! And we’re now dropping off our perches.

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