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The Rolling Stones: Get Off My Cloud

Brian Saunders sent this playlist and it's one of our favourites.

Get Off My Cloud: The Rolling Stones

I hope people appreciate the humour. I want to go to a place where there’s nobody I don’t want to see…so, ‘hey you get off my cloud!’

The Windows Of The World: Scott Walker

A sad, melancholic song. It’s hymn for the modern age, which I like.

It Ain’t Fair:Aretha Franklin

Because life isn’t fair. And it wasn’t fair that Duane Allman and King Curtis, featured on this great song, died far too early. Duane killed in a motorbike accident and King Curtis stabbed in New York.

Light My Fire: Jose Feliciano

A rock era poem that also sums up a life that could have been more, but at least I made some people smile, and as I go through the curtains I want people to laugh and cry to this song.

Mysterioso: Thelonious Monk

I love this track and think it’s ideal for people to listen to as they go out of the crem.

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