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10 funeral wishes list

Compile a list using these headings to make it easier for your loved ones to know the funeral event you want. 

This list contains the headings for you to give clear wishes about your funeral to your family, friends or executor. These funeral wishes are not legally binding. However, they will greatly assist those carrying out your wishes, so notify them of the document’s location. Use it also to plan the funeral of a loved one who has died or whose life is coming to an end.

For a fuller list covering more aspects of end of life decisions, see It’s Your Funeral.

1. Full Name and current address. Date of Birth. This identifies that it is you (or your loved one) whose wishes are listed.
2. Next of Kin (NoK) and their full contact details. If none exist, then state so.
3. Your will. Advise if you have written one, the date it was signed, where it is (the original should be with our solicitor) and the name/contact details of your executor.
4. Burial or Cremation? Any preferred cemetery/churchyard or crematorium? Perhaps one where relatives have been taken, or that you have visited.
5. Flowers or donations. No Flowers? Family flowers only? Or ask for money to be donated to your chosen charity.
6. Where you want the body or cremains (ashes) to rest. Is there a family graveyard; do you have a local church; is there a favourite place you would like your ashes spread; is the local cemetery or crematorium suitable.
7. A Wake/Party. Do you want your family to organise a reception? And a memorial party? Suggest a venue, the music to be played, a message to be read, a video to be shown, your favourite food, the guest list.
8. Funeral director. Take time to choose the company that you feel will provide the best service and provide the funeral you want. Consider a pre-paid funeral plan to pay for the costs. 
9. Fundraising memorial party. Have your life celebrated by a party. Make it a fundraising opportunity for your preferred charity.
10. Permanent Memorial. Do you want a headstone? Plaque on a memorial wall? A tree? A bench along your favourite walk? An online memorial? MLS has gathered some of the alternative memorials that are available. Or state that you don’t want a permanent memorial.

Store your wishes safely

Do not rely on your will as the place to put your funeral wishes as a will is not normally read until after the funeral. Put a copy of your funeral wishes in your Lifebox where it will be accessible if you want to change the content of the list.  Only you have access to the Lifebox.

When you die it can be opened by your executor or next of kin to whom you have given the key. However, they will not be able to edit or amend the contents of the Lifebox.

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