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The Stylistics: You Are Everything

Thanks to Phil Mellor who shares a fabulous playlist ranging from classic Motown to Tchaikovsky.

You Are Everything: The Stylistics

A paen of praise to the girl who has walked out of his life. I have known that pain, and I expect my mourners to feel a little bit of grief.

Heaven Help Us All: David Ruffin

The most under valued soul singer of them all, and his lack of recognition destroyed him. He won't be forgotten by my loved ones when this belts out at my going away party.

Be: Neil Diamond

Sheer beauty in a lyric that describes our hopes for whatever lies ahead of us. I have loved Neil Diamond all my life...symphonic grace in his melodies and poetry in his words.

Piano Concerto No. 1, 1st movement: Tchaikovsky

Several pieces of classical music move me with their grace, elegance and complexity, but none more so than this. Its opening four minutes will get everyone smiling.

Hymn to Freedom: Oscar Peterson

The Night Train album from which this is taken is one of the greatest jazz piano trio recordings ever made. This track is a negro spiritual given the Peterson treatment...slow start and then it picks up when the freedom has been achieved.

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