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Help with will writing

You will save time by preparing a useful list of information to discuss with your will writer when you decide to write your will.

A helpful document has been put in the Lifebox so that you can start the process of writing your will.

When appointing a qualified will writer, such as Heritage Will Writers, to write your will tell them that you have filled in this initial planning document.

What you own
List your assets - property, cars, possessions, stocks and shares, pensions, insurance policies, businesses you own or part own. Include where these assets are, including bank accounts.

Family and other dependents
List family members and their status. Include details of previous marriages. Name those who depend on you financially.

Who gets what
How you want to divide your estate between family, friends and/or charities. Do you want your assets sold and the money raised put into your estate, or do you want to bequeath them to individuals or organisations? Less valuable possessions, know as 'chattels' are usually covered in a letter of wishes.

Trusts and other conditions
Consider setting up a trust. Decide on the conditions do you want to place on your bequests, for example that a young person must reach a certain age before having access to money or a possession.

Donation statement
Draft a statement making clear your wish to donate your organs or your body for medical research. Name the person responsible for ensuring this wish is carried out if you are not on the NHS donor register, or have not filled in consent forms from the appropriate teaching hospital.

Letter of wishes
The letter of wishes enables you to list who you want to receive those items of limited financial worth (known as 'chattels') but of sentimental value. It can also cover details such as funeral wishes and information necessary at the time of your death. These are covered in My Details within your Lifebox.

Name the person, or people, you want to appoint as the executors of your will. If you are considering appointing your solicitor as your executor or joint executor,

Where it should be kept

Your will writer or solicitor should keep the original signed will.

Your executors should be told the contact details of the will writer or solicitor who has your will.

As a fall back, when your will has been correctly signed, ask your will writer or solicitor to make a digital copy and send it to you as an attachment to an email.

Then put this in your Lifebox so there is a copy should someone challenge it or should the original get lost or destroyed.

You should register your will using companies like Heritage Will Writers.  Include where your will is registered in your Lifebox so your executor or whoever you nominate to access your Lifebox after your death can find this information easily and quickly.

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