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Stevie Wonder: You Are The Sunshine Of My Life

Ivy Ford has a sunny disposition which shines through her selection with songs by Stevie Wonder and Bill Withers having references to the golden orb.

You Are The Sunshine of My Life: Stevie Wonder

I love every song this wonderful man has written and sung. This track will, I hope, communicate to those who know me the sort of person I am and will remain where ever I go next.

Ain't No Sunshine: Bill Withers

How I felt when someone closest to me parted. I was absolutely devastated...my sun had gone out. Which, of course, it hadn't. Life goes on... 


I've Got A Feeling That We'll Be Seeing Each Other Again: First Choice

A really nice song which shows that if you try again if you first don't succeed, life can work out ok. Well, sometimes. A sweet lyric, appropriate for a farewell. Al Wilson does a great version too.


My Funny Valentine: Sarah Vaughan

"Don't change a hair for me, not if you care for me".  Looks aren't as important as soul and inner beauty. These are qualities you remember. If there is a heaven, Sarah Vaughan's will be the voice of the angels, or I want my money back!

Lead Me Lord: Basil Valdez

A Victorian religious song, often sung as a gospel song, but here a rather gentle version. For those of a Christian faith, and that will be most of my friends and family, there will be a reassurance in these words.

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