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Mary J Blige: Love No Limit

Five wicked songs from Sylvia Lambe...personal, unique and each a gem.

Thanks for dejaying at my party those years ago, Sylvia.

Love No Limit (the remix): Mary J Blige

This song builds, just like love builds. And that is what makes the world go round.

Wolves and Leopards: Dennis Brown

Dennis Brown is my hero...he makes me feel righteous.  Old time reggae tunes are my hymns.

Hey Mister DJ: Zhane

Memories of dancing, clubbing and partying with my best friend Liz - we loved this song and would sing it at the top of our voices.

Uptight: Stevie Wonder

Only one possible reason. Was, and alway will be, a classic.

Ain't Nothing Going On

(But The Rent): Gwen Guthrie

Anyone who would be at my funeral would laugh at this!

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