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Wooden Spoon

Karen Macaulay from Wooden Spoon explains how the charity supports disadvantaged children and how a legacy will help it continue its work.

Wooden Spoon is a charity dedicated to supporting children and young people who are disadvantaged physically, mentally or socially.

We support a wide variety of projects and not just one particular need, illness or disability. Our work has benefitted children and young people with a diverse range of needs including Downs Syndrome, cerebral palsy, leukaemia, rare genetic disorders, severe and profound learning disabilities, behavioural issues, young offenders, young people disabled through accident or trauma and the young homeless.

Our charitable activities comprise capital projects and operational projects. Capital projects create assets such as medical treatment and recovery centres, sports and activity areas, sensory rooms and gardens, playgrounds and hydrotherapy pools.

Wooden Spoon has distributed over £16 million to more than 450 national and local capital projects since 1983, enhancing the lives of more than 500,000 children and young people across the British Isles.

Since 2009 ‘Spoon’, as we are affectionately known, has increased its charitable work to include a range of operational projects designed to affect social change in deprived communities.

To date Spoon has invested over £1.25 million in community projects to help more than 32,000 disadvantaged young people across the UK to find inspiration, motivation and opportunities to gain achievement and success, and to get them off the streets and back into education or a job.

Our vision at Wooden Spoon is to continue to make a positive impact on the lives of disadvantaged children and young people through our commitment to quality charitable work. We constantly strive to raise funds and reduce costs to make our vision a reality.

Leaving a gift in your will to Wooden Spoon would bring us valuable funds to help us continue our work. We consider any gift left to us in a will as exactly that - a gift - and we are extremely grateful however small the amount.

If you would like more information about leaving a gift in your will to Wooden Spoon, please visit this page on our website, or contact Karen Macaulay in confidence on 01252 773720.

To find out more about our charitable work or to make a donation please visit our website.

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