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Celebrate one life and touch thousands more

Beth Brook, from development NGO CAFOD, explains how in memoriam giving is such a positive way of helping charities. 

When we’ve lost someone we love, it can often help to find a meaningful way to celebrate their life and the values they held dear.

More and more families and individuals are commemorating their loved one by supporting a charity that was close to their heart; or one that is related to the cause of their death.

Being able to help others and do something positive can be incredibly empowering at a time when many aspects of our life seem beyond our control; and it can help to address the feelings of waste and senselessness that can accompany our grief.

Over the years, thousands of families have paid tribute to parted loved ones by making a donation in their memory to CAFOD.

In many cases, the deceased supported our work with some of the world’s poorest communities during their lifetime.  By asking for in memoriam donations at the funeral, their families can find comfort and hope in knowing they're keeping their loved one's spirit and values alive. 

If you think you’d like to be remembered in this way, you can leave instructions in your will or with your next of kin.

If you’re arranging a loved one’s funeral and want to find out more about remembrance gifts, most charities have information on their websites or can advise you over the phone.

Donations can be sent directly to the charity of your choice or funeral directors can be asked to organise the collection.

As with many other charities, CAFOD also offers the option of tribute giving.

Our Candlelight Funds are a special kind of memorial, created by people who want to remember someone in a positive, far-reaching way that will keep their faith and values alive.

Families, clubs, work colleagues or whole parishes get together and know that they’re helping to continue the work that meant a lot to their special person during their lifetime.

Alternatively individuals can keep their fund as a private act of remembrance. All donations to a fund are combined to create a lasting tribute and help save and change lives around the world.

It doesn’t matter how often or how much people give. What’s important is that on the darkest of days, when the pain of loss seems impossible to bear, they can find comfort and hope in the knowledge that their loved one’s memory lives on; and that lives around the world are being saved and changed by their fund.

Remembrance is so important to us – as individuals and also as a community – and charities feel truly honoured and humbled when people choose to remember a loved one through our work.

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