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Playlist tips

Use My Last Song to create the playlists of music that you want to be remembered by.

We suggest you create the following lists:

  • Funeral songs, funeral music;
  • Funeral reception gathering (or wake) music;
  • Lifetime party music;
  • The soundtrack to your life
  • Fave five.

Funeral music

Depending on how long is booked at the crematorium or cemetery, there is only likely to be time for three songs.

If the service is held at a church, there is likely to be more time. Discuss this with your local vicar, and also with the funeral director as the time taken affects the cost.

Be true to yourself...don't select hymns because you think it is what is expected. Most religious celebrants/officiants will include secular music in a religious service.

If you are not religious, consider an alternative funeral.

You won't get a second chance, so think long and hard about the music you want played at your funeral.

Funeral music should:

  • Create emotions and moods;
  • Calm sorrows and lift the spirit;
  • Assist quiet contemplation;.
  • Enable mourners to participate and share their farewells;
  • Evoke memories.

Music for the wake

The music you choose for the wake (or reception) depends on the sort of gathering you want it to be. As well as organising the music, you have the opportunity to plan the event. So think about:

  • Who will attend: more friends and extended family members should be invited;
  • The venue: the family home or a local venue such as a pub, club, community centre;
  • What you want to achieve: the funeral will inevitably be sad, but the wake can be time where people share fond memories and start the healing process. The music can create the mood you want to achieve.

Music for the wake should:

  • Evoke memories;
  • Make people feel happier;
  • Bring people together.

Music for a celebratory party

Consider having an event that celebrates your life, your achievements, the things that made you the unique person that family and friends knew and loved. Make it the party of a lifetime.

It could be your last party, at which you are centre stage...or plan it for several weeks after you have died, when the sadness will have lessened.

And one of the most important qualities a party has is the music, whether live or recorded.  Make all the decisions about your celebration party now, and that includes the playlist.

The soundtrack to your life

This is the list of music that you love, music that is important in your life, music that says a lot about you, music that is part of your personal memories.

Consider the following when making the playlist:

  • Music you remember as a child;
  • The first song you bought/played/performed;
  • Your teenage favourites;
  • Music you made love to;
  • The tracks you listened to on those long drives;
  • Pieces that you have always loved;
  • Music to grow old with.

Fave five

Send us your favourite five pieces of music and the reasons why they are the songs you want to be rememberd by.

Save the lists

To ensure your playlists are safe, save them in your Lifebox. You can edit them and save them. And when the time comes, they will be accessed by those you want to organise your final events in this life.

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