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Funeral songs posted on Rock and Roll Tribe

Mark Wallace posted this on Rock and Roll Tribe a few days ago.

"Myself and some friends were having a few drinks recently and the subject of what music we would like to have played at our funerals came up…I would want to go  out to something which reflected who I was and what music I enjoyed."

Mark suggested some tracks and other visitors posted others.

Thanks to all who’ve contributed their farewell tracks.

In My Time Of Dying: Led Zeppelin

From the excellent Physical Graffiti this is Zep in prime blues rock mode, all 11 minutes of it. Fantastic drumming and guitar playing.

Spirit In The Sky: Norman Greenbaum

Yep, when you die and they lay you to rest, you’ll go to the place that’s the best.

Benedictus: The Strawbs

Prog folk rock from great and lamented English band The Strawbs.  The instrumental break is a dulcimer played through a fuzz box.

(Don’t Fear) The Reaper: Blue Oyster Cult

One of their biggest hits, an enduring favourite on rock stations. Everything a rock song should be, and very well played, sung and produced.

Love Takes Care: The Angels

First of two great rock songs from Australian band The Angels.

Be With You: The Angels

Lovely love song given a heavy rock treatment.

All Things Must Pass: George Harrison

If any pop song talks about the temporary nature of life, love and the good times, it’s this beautifully understated song from George Harrison.

Pass In Time: Beth Orton

A revelation. One of the best songs we’ve heard. Just great…please listen to understand how good this track is, how suitable as a farewell song. Thanks to Stan Schwieger for choosing it.

Birds: Nils Lofgren

This beautiful song would be a heart wrenching farewell to a lover or at a funeral.

Love Is Our Cross To Bear: John Gorka

Gail Manchester, who also selected Birds, wrote the following:

“This week marks 13 years since we lost our oldest son at age nine to cancer. This song was played at his service. ‘Love is Our Cross to Bear’.”


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