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Funeral music

Ensuring you are remembered by the right music is the core feature of My Last Song. We provide advice on choosing music for funerals.

Why you should choose your funeral songs:

  • Music evokes memories;
  • Music enables people to understand your life and your personality;
  • Music creates emotions and moods;
  • Music calms sorrows and lifts the spirit;
  • Music assists quiet contemplation;
  • Music is participative, whether singing along, tapping to the rhythm, or sharing the emotions.

Your choice of music will show people the sort of person you were, the music you liked and the music you want to be remembered by.

More than hymns

For many people, hymns are essential at a funeral. These are people with strong Christian beliefs, or the view that hymns are the most appropriate songs to mark a death.

However, according to Co-operative Funeralcare, an increasing number of people are choosing secular songs.

And the choice is limitless. Think about the music that meant most to the person whose life is being celebrated.  Or a lyric that says something special...emotional, witty, quirky.

Or a beautiful classical melody, or haunting film score, or a song from a much loved musical.

Film composer John Barry died recently. One of his many compositions might create the mood you want. Try this...

Not just funeral music

Make sure you end on the right note

Your final fanfare will be played at your funeral, but you can also choose music for your wake.

You don't have to limit yourself to choosing just the music that represents you. More than funeral music provides ideas on what else you can consider.

And even consider having a celebratory life party that family and friends will enjoy in your honour, and with warm thoughts about you.

If you want your life to end on the right note, make playlists of the music you want played at these events and store them in your Lifebox so that the person responsible for organising your funeral knows and acts on your wishes.

And if you want to share your five favourite pieces of music, send them to My Last Song and we will put them on the website. (PH)

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