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Better sex for older people

Ten tips for maintaining a happy sex life into old age

  • Be tender, be understanding and don't exert any emotional pressure...it may start and end with stroking, kissing and touching. If it becomes sexual, so much the better;
  • Don't think that intercourse is essential...mutual masturbation can be as enjoyable as penetration;
  • Accept that sex won't be as energetic as in your younger years;
  • Don't be ashamed to use sex aids, if agreed by both partners; 
  • Don't stick to set times and days for sex - be spontaneous;
  • Make sure you have enough time without interruptions;
  • Find out the possible side-effects of any medication you are taking, particularly if they are likely to affect your libido/desire levels, and if necessary change the medication;
  • Avoid too much alcohol before having sex;
  • Take advantage of Viagra, Cialis and other medications that counter erectile dysfunction;
  • Seek counselling if necessary...sometimes the issues affecting a relationship are best discussed through a neutral third party.

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