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The Jam: Going Underground

Michael Green, co-author Philanthrocapitalism, The Road From Ruin and In Gold We Trust? contributes a list including songs from Otis Redding, Miriam Makeba and the Jam's appropriate Going Underground.

He scores a first, and probably only, with a Polish punk band, and finishes with a wonderful song from Oh, Brother Where Art Thou.

Going Underground: The Jam

Not because of the terrible pun but because it was the first record I bought. Sadly I can't find a video of their Top of the Pops appearance with Paul Weller wearing a Heinz Tomato Soup pinny the wrong way round.

Jikele Maweni: Miriam Makeba

My Mum's from South Africa so I grew up listening to 'Mama Africa' and love this song, also known as 'The Retreat Song'.

Komu Dzwonia: Szwagierkolaska

I lived in Poland in the early 1990s. Most of the Polish pop music was rubbish...until Szwagierkolaska revived a bunch of old Varsovian ballads with a punky feel. Think of them as the Polish Pogues. Seeing them covering 'If I should fall from grace with God', in Polish, at a gig in Warsaw in 1995 was awesome.

Shake: Otis Redding

The greatest soul singer ever. No one else comes close to the energy and charisma of Otis singing live. Not my favourite Otis song but I just love this Ready, Steady, Go special where he blows away British wannabees Eric Burdon and Chris Farlowe. RIP Otis.

Constant Sorrow: Dan Tyminski (aka The Soggy Bottom Boys)

God bless America for country music and the Coen Brothers.

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