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Beauty of a hand carved memorial

Most people commission a memorial from a funeral director or monumental mason. 

More often than not, the headstones will be machine cut and chosen from a catalogue. 

There is, however, an alternative; a hand carved memorial.

A memorial, a commemoration of a person’s life, is the most challenging dedication to create.

The words and design need to be precisely balanced to create a memorial which is strong, dignified and simple.

It must last for hundreds of years, while blending with its surroundings from the moment of placement.

The memorial will often take the form of a headstone or cremation tablet.  Sometimes, however, a particularly distinctive memorial is required. A commemorative plaque, a stone bench, an obelisk or monolith can remember a person’s life

A hand carved gravestones is an individual creation; each bespoke headstone is designed in collaboration with the client. When approached to make a headstone, the mason will often encourage clients to visit the workshop to discuss the details.

Headstones can be embellished with carvings ranging from a cross or motif from nature, to a coat of arms.

Cremation memorials are becoming increasingly popular. The normal small size restricts the amount of text, and imposes limitation on the design, but there are still many possibilities for relief carving and different lettering styles.

Hand carved lettering will always have life, energy and versatility. The quiet mallet and chisel are more precise than machinery and letter spacing and letterforms are judged by eye, not by computers or rulers.

A letter cutter is a craftsman and an artist; each piece of work produced in the workshop must be flawless, beautiful and unique.

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