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PJ Harvey: Send His Love To Me

Thanks to Shirley Tatum for sending her fave five farewell choices.

This is what she tells us:

"I’m devoted to helping people find meaningful ways to mourn through the website The Modern Mourner. Before this project, I was a writer and producer for television, specialising in true crime.

My five songs are about how the strength and stubbornness of love can transcend death. If I seem a bit obsessed with ghosts, it’s because they represent the promise that we’ll be reunited someday – I’m too impatient to wait for heaven."

Send His Love To Me: PJ Harvey

A big F*** You to death for separating me from my loved ones. This song revels in the ravishing despondency of loss. It’s honest and brutal. (In the video Polly Jean roams the desolate landscape with a pair of shoes. The best visual I’ve ever seen of grief.)

The Ship Song: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

This song is so epic. There are so many great Nick Cave songs, from Carry Me to No More Shall We Part. For me, The Ship Song is about the summoning of someone deeply loved. The fleeting nature of the one addressed in this song makes me think of a shy ghost.

Wuthering Heights: Kate Bush

Catherine and Heathcliff don’t let death get in the way of their love, so why should we? I love Kate Bush, and this song about love transcending death is both haunting and gorgeous.

Resurrection Fern: Iron & Wine

This song’s a promise that our spirits will keep going on as we do today. Life’s just too beautiful to leave behind. A heart breaking tribute to the strength and stubbornness of love.

Mysteries Of Love: Antony & the Johnsons

An ethereal, hymnal song. Two spirits wrapped in love, floating forever in the darkness. This is the closest thing I can imagine to heaven.

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