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Benefits of funeral planning

Death, and therefore funerals, is something that the British are not good at. Because of fear, awkwardness and grief it has become a taboo subject.

But death and the funeral that will follow, is also inevitable, and therefore should be planned. That applies as much for our own funeral as that of an ailing loved one.

Reasons to plan a funeral in advance are:

  • Costs: funerals are expensive, but planned in advance can be paid for in advance and the costs reduced.
  • Funeral director: the choice of funeral director is important.
  • Choices: there are a large number of choices to be made when planning a funeral. We have created a funeral plan checklist to make planning and costing a funeral easier.
  • Being remembered: there are increasingly different things to do with the  ashes; and also different memorials. A funeral plan should include how you want to be remembered.
  • Helping grieving loved ones: following a death, the close family are shocked and distressed…planning a funeral from scratch will be a huge emotional strain. They will be grateful and relieved if the funeral has been planned in advance and they know they are carrying out the wishes of their parted loved one.
  • Reducing the sadness: by ensuring the final goodbye is memorable, well organised and attended by the right people, the ‘closure’ will be more positive and less for family and friends.

Store your plan in your Lifebox

We have created a Lifebox which includes a section for your funeral wishes and the details of your funeral plan.

Store your plan and wishes in the Lifebox and tell your next of kin or executor how to access the Lifebox once you have passed or when you think the time is appropriate.

They will be releived that you have planned your funeral and stored your funeral wishes safely.

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