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Beverley Knight: Angels

Marianne Bonne's selection of her farewell songs feature five newcomers, two brilliant performances by Beverley Knight, two beautiful, poignant songs by Tracy Chapman and Martin Sexton's Hallelujah.

Thanks Marianne, these are lovely songs to be remembered by.

Who’s Gonna Save Your Soul: Beverley Knight

A sad song but I love it because it’s about memories of happy times with someone I loved. There's no YouTube clip but listen on Spotify.

Angels: Beverley Knight

My favourite rendition of Angels.  Hopeful and wonderful.  The line 'Wherever it may take me, I know that life won't break me,' always moves me.  I listened to it many times during a difficult period in my life.

I'm Ready: Tracy Chapman

I've chosen this song not just because it's beautiful and poignant but also because I hope I will be ready when I say goodbye to the world.

All That You Have Is Your Soul: Tracy Chapman

I have listened to this song for many many years.  The older I've got the more real this message has become to me.  I love it.

Hallelujah: Martin Sexton

Listening to this song always sends a shiver down my spine.  Seems to apply to anyone trying to live their life with hope.

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