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Jimi Hendrix: All Along The Watchtower

Former sports journalist, Watford FC and longtime music lover Simon Michaelson offers his fave five tracks for his farewell.

All Along The Watchtower: Jimi Hendrix

The opening bars to Hendrix’s version of an already great song are the most explosive, stunning and beautiful I’ve ever heard. I don’t know why but I feel like I’m in the middle of the Sahara looking up at the sky when I hear this song. My desert island disc.

Double Barrel: Dave & Ansell Collins

The lyrics perplexed, amused and amazed me and my mates. We were pseudo skinheads. We wore the clothes, listened to the music and went to football but we never actually kicked anyone. This sounded to us like a couple of Jamaican guys going on about being magnificent, and being back with a moose storming sound of soul, to an incredible beat.

One More Cup Of Coffee: Bob Dylan

I hitch-hiked 1,500 miles in 10 days, from Coimbra in Portugal to Rome, and arrived feeling restless after numerous road adventures. Bob Dylan calmed me down with his haunting Jewish incantation. The gypsy violin is exquisite.

Bul Ma Miin: Orchestra Baobab

I turned 50 on 7/7. All thoughts of celebrating went out of the window. The following week I saw Orchestra Baobab play live at the Carling Academy in Islington. I needed a lift and boy did they give me one. Put a guitar in the hands of an African and they’ll make it sound like a completely different instrument. I left the venue still dancing, convinced of the restorative power of music.

Maybe It's Because I'm A Londoner:
Bud Flanagan

Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner...

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