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Funeral photography

Priscilla Etienne runs Funeography, a company specialising in the photographing of funerals.  Here she describes the value of her work.

Funeral photography captures the emotions of families at funerals

I believe that funeography is the future.

It’s a simple, beautiful, straightforward way of capturing one of the most important events in our lives…a lovely way to remember how much the departed was loved and will be missed.

We can have the memories of the day imprinted in our minds but in time, memories can fade and become a little unclear. That is why it is so important to have the event captured by skilled photographers who will be discreet and respectful, and able to capture the mood of the funeral in a candid manner.

The images produced have a reassuring and appealing natural look and feel. Emotion is subtly captured.

For the family of the departed loved one, the funeography book of the photographs holds all the memories there to see and treasure forever.

My parents’ funerals were not captured like this, and it is something I regret. 

My aim now is to ensure that every funeral we photograph will never be forgotten.

After all, this is one occasion that cannot be repeated.

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