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Retirement – How to make it a golden era!

Life coach Paul Brown on how to make the most of retirement. 

Retirement often heralds the start of the most fulfilling period in many people’s lives. This article will help you with a few suggestions on how to achieve just that – by finding worthwhile ways to spend your days you may even start to wonder how you ever managed to find time for a full-time occupation.

Successful people are familiar with a simple recipe for happiness – the pursuit of meaningful goals.

Hopefully you’ve not been too put off by having other people’s goals (such as your boss's) thrown at you your whole professional life – retirement is YOUR time, it’s a unique opportunity to live life on your own terms and do what YOU want to do – relatively free from restrictions.

Life is a journey - if we know where we’re heading, it’s so much easier to take the directions that will take us there. It’s never too late to pinpoint where we want to be and take action!

Tip One – Focus on What You Want!

In my experience as a life coach, senior clients are more able to visualise and use their imagination than any other group.

So let’s try this – what if there was an invisible genie hanging around just outside our conscious awareness waiting to help us? How will it know what we want unless we tell it?

Come up with a list of five things you’d like to happen in your life, IF YOU KNEW YOU COULDN’T FAIL.

As well as writing them down, share at least one with a friend or family member. Knowing they’ll ask you how you’re getting on the next time you see them should really help provide some focus. They may even be able to help.

Tip Two – ‘Big Yourself Up!’

You are as unique as your own fingerprints – there has never been a single human being who has the same set of skills, abilities and experiences.

As a senior citizen you’re going to have more than most but write down as many as you can (you don’t have to share the list with anyone so ‘big yourself up’).

Experiences may include challenges that you managed to overcome successfully. Once you’ve done that, enjoy the feeling it creates then have fun brainstorming how you could use these skills and lessons going forwards.

Tip Three – How to deal with your challenges

The conscious mind is poor at solving our challenges, and it struggles with the concept of delegation.

Whatever the issue, write it down (just like sharing a problem verbally, writing it down provides invaluable structure and gets it ‘out there’) – your subconscious mind will gladly accept the task and then work on a solution in the background. Hey presto, you’ll be busy doing something else (undoubtedly more enjoyable than worrying) and the solution will pop into your head.

This ‘magic’ will probably sound very familiar if you’ve ever had a particular word/name etc on the tip of your tongue but you’ve not quite been able to recall it.

Tip Four– Enlist the services of a Life Coach

We are the experts of helping you explore what you really want, and removing the barriers. It can be incredibly empowering to share one’s dreams (and issues) with a fellow human being.

Even if you’ve signed up to My Last Song and have a supportive family, they can have their own agendas or be judgemental and often love telling us what to do. Actions are important as they break habits, but they need to be your own.

Why it’s important to act now

Procrastination can be the graveyard of dreams – the truth is that none of us know when our time is up.

If today was your last day, how pleased would you honestly be with what you’ve achieved so far?

Insanity may be defined as doing the same things time after time but expecting different results.

Finally, be careful not to ‘brag’ about your perceived limitations – the most powerful hypnotist is our own inner voice, and what we tell ourselves (good or bad) can quickly become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Be mindful of your own unique array of skills and talents – by not using them you could be depriving not only yourself but also the community at large. Information on voluntary work is available here


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